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Imaginarium, don't feed the animals!

Fila 13’s premiere at Agora de la danse in January 2015 was intense and sparkling!
Here are some comments :

Le Devoir - “The Banquet of Lina Cruz - According to the Banquet of Plato, Zeus split humans in two (...) Starting off the season with great panache at Agora, Lina Cruz’s captivating and accomplished creation seems to reunite the halves, giving shape to a scintillating, whimsical and unconventional landscape on stage (...) Delivered by excellent performers, Imaginarium offers a refreshing plunge into Cruz’s phantasmagoric imagination, while proposing, all in all, a critical reflexion on social, political and artistic realities (...) rendering breathable a world otherwise more and more uninhabitable.”
Nayla Naoufal -
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Dfdanse - “(...) Lina Cruz stands out (...) a joyful blending of her experience and technical abilities as well as the unbridled imagination she possesses, which, when all put together, clearly define her signature. Her ability to give the perfect dose of technique and physicality to the body in all its splendor (...) and the conceptual layers of her raving works is astounding.”
Audray Julien -
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Danceprofilers - "It’s zany, and it’s affecting. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, you’ll frown and you’ll even feel your heart start racing as the urgency the dancers project from the stage draws you in. Imaginarium, ne pas nourrir les animaux was a great first show for 2015 and I look forward to the fourth installation of the life and times in Cruz’s imaginary land."
Pia Savoie -
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Other projects... :

February - Lina Cruz in Toronto with the theatre company Article 11, collaborating in a first research phase of a new play by Tara Beagan.

May - Fragilissimo, Lina Cruz's creation for the graduating class of École de danse de Québec, will be presented at Salle Multi de Méduse on May 1-2, 2015. Watch out, fresh dance professionals on the go! Works by choreographers Karine Ledoyen (Quebec) and Shay Kuebler (Vancouver) are also on the menu!
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May/June - Lina Cruz will be continuing a solo research she began in 2014.

August 13 to 15 - Fila 13 will be participating in Toronto's festival dance: made in canada, performances at the Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto

And... :

Several interesting projects will begin taking form this summer and fall. Highly interesting commissions addressed to Lina Cruz have become co-production projects for Fila 13:

Lina Cruz will have the privilege of choreographing for three amazing veteran artists: Claudia Moore, Karen Kaeja and Louise Bédard, a project initiated by Moonhorse Dance Theatre.

Creation for Throwdown Collective: Ylem (3 Eggs Ago), a trio commissioned to Lina Cruz by Throwdown Collective will premiere in Toronto in 2016/2017, presented by DanceWorks

More details in our next newsletter!

Lina Cruz and her team warmly thank all those who support the company's projects and
who are interested in its productions: merci, gracias, thank you!!!