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Hairy Dreams (2024)
A film of dance and installation
Length : 8 min 57 secs

Hairy Dreams premiered in Montreal as part of the official selection of the International Festival of Films on Art - FIFA 42.

The film also participated in the Spring Edition of Toronto's Alternative Film Festival, nominated in the Short Films category for two sub-categories:
Best Experimental Short Film (North America)
Best Dance Short Film

Concept, film direction, choreography: Lina Cruz
Cinematography: Xavier Madore
Dancer: Geneviève Robitaille
Music: Philippe Noireaut
Editing: Lina Cruz
Assistant editor: Xavier Madore
Filming team: La Conserve Média
Sound mastering: Frédéric Salter
A Hairy Dream Song: composed and performed by Philippe Noireaut
Text and voice: Lina Cruz
Costumes, scenography and props: Lina Cruz

Production: Fila 13 Productions

Hairy Dreams portrays the inner world of a solitary carefree character. This visually abstract narrative unfolds within a white cave-like space constructed of paper. Inside an origami-like igloo, a surreal collection of images exposes the daily life of an androgynous figure. Through a series of disparate actions, the character continuously constructs and deconstructs its transparent inner world. In this pursuit of an "interior castle", time is a constant presence, haunting yet of valuable companionship. Ultimately, the character’s daily routine leads to its primary goal: the vital need to nourish itself in order to keep the dream flowing.

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