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Imaginarium, don't feed the animals! (2015)
This work premiered in Montreal at Agora de la danse in January 2015, a co-production of Fila 13 Productions and Agora de la danse.

Tanya Crowder, Danielle Davidson, Jean-François Duke,
Catherine Larocque and Fabien Piché
Other dancers during research period: Loïc Stafford

Mezzo-soprano: Ghislaine Deschambault

Composer and musician on stage:
Philippe Noireaut

Soupe du Jour (2010)
Recipient in 2012 of the prestigious Dora Mavor Moore Award in two categories: Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Sound Design/Composition

The first stages of creation of this piece took place and were presented publicly in early 2010 in Montreal at Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. In the fall of 2010, the work was presented in Victoria (B.C.), in Montreal and on tour in Spain.

Elinor Fueter, Catherine Larocque, Soula Trougakos,
Lydia Wagerer, Loïc Stafford and William Yong.

Composer and musician on stage:
Philippe Noireaut

PEM (2014), SINK (2014), Poem for an Enclosed Space (2013) and Klimtic (2009) are intimate short pieces created as part of an ongoing series of works for Lina Cruz and her longtime collaborator, Philippe Noireaut; they have been presented in Montreal and Toronto; Klimtic has also been on tour in Spain.

Dancer-choreographer : Lina Cruz
Composer and musician/performer on stage: Philippe Noireaut

K-5 (2008)
People's Choice Award in the 2009 Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival

The première of K-5 took place at Agora de la danse from February 20th to 23rd, 2008.

Catherine Larocque, Soula Trougakos,
Elinor Fueter, Eric Beauchesne and Alejandro de Leon
Other casts: Tom Casey, Justin Gionet,
Nicolas Patry and Louis Turcotte

Composer and musician on stage:
Philippe Noireaut

Fugue (2005)
This work was created as a duo and later became a solo.

Dancers :
Eric Beauchesne and/or Lina Cruz,
Composer and musician on stage:
Philippe Noireaut

Coquille d'œil (2004)
A 25 minutes version of this piece was filmed for the series Dance with me, Bravo channel (Toronto). Excerpts and/or the full version of this work were presented in Toronto, in Québec at Salle Multi (La Rotonde, 2007), on tour with Conseil des arts de Montréal (2006), in Jonquière's Festival de musique de création Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean(2006), in Montréal at Agora de la danse (2006), at the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival (2004), in Madrid at the Festival 3D (2004) and in Paris at Le Regard du Cygne (2004).

Dancers: Elinor Fueter, Lina Cruz
Composers/musicians on stage :
Guy Pelletier (flutes)
Julien Grégoire (percussions and invented instruments)

Other Works by Lina Cruz

Photo: Andres de Gabriel
Other photographers: Alexandre Frenette and Cécé
Dancers appearing on photos: Catherine Larocque, Loîc Stafford, Danielle Davidson and Elinor Fueter -