Lina Cruz - Fila 13 Productions



Tunnel 3  (2017)
Length of piece : 17 minutes

Choreography, direction: Lina Cruz
Dancers: Lydia Wagerer and Harold Rhéaume
Music: Philippe Noireaut
Photo: Maxime Daigle

This work premiered in Quebec City at La Maison pour la Danse in October 2017, presented by La Rotonde

Residency: Maison pour la Danse (Quebec City, QC)

A co-production of Fila 13 and Le Fils d'Adrien danse


"(...) Playfulness is highly present in this performance (...) The audience discovers a playground in which the dancers, as children would, surprise the spectator at each new action, each movement, each step (...) The performance is a pure joy to watch. It is a unique opportunity to detach from daily routine and plunge into this whacky world in which pleasure reigns (...)"

Robert Boisclair - Review of Triptyque Cryptyque (including Tunnel 3)
Les enfants du paradis bloguent !, Quebec, October 11 2017 /

With a joyful, yet eerie, tone of absurdity, this work places an odd and
improbable couple in a cavernous ambiance, inspecting their entourage, much like underground creatures nesting and adapting to a new environment...