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Ylem (3 Eggs Ago) (2017)
Length : 27 minutes

Choreography: Lina Cruz
Dancer: Zhenya Cernaecov, Mairéad Filgate
and Brodie Stevenson (Throwdown Collective)
Music: Philippe Noireaut
Costumes: Lina Cruz
Lighting: Arun Srinivasan
Photos: Jeremy Mimnagh

Premiered in Toronto, presented by DanceWorks

Residencies :
Harbourfront Centre/DanceWorks
Agora de la danse

Throwdown Collective with Fila 13

Ylem received a Dora Mavor Moore Award in 2017 for Outstanding Original Choreography for the choreography by Lina Cruz. It was also nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble for the performance by Throwdown Collective and Outstanding Sound Design/Composition for the music by Philippe Noireaut.

About Fila 13's works -
Ylem - "Sensitive to the minimum sound, lighting, stage presence, the Toronto performers deliver generously, exploiting in depth the essence of their characters. Their performance is flawless, harmoniuos, luminous. (...)"

Guylaine Massoutre
Revue de Théâtre JEU, March 2017 -

Morphs - "(...) this work by Lina Cruz,
imprinted with as much sensuality as humour, as much physical prowess as audacity, is a true gift for the senses. (...)."

Yanik Comeau
Zone Culture, November 17 2021

Morphs - "(...) The unconscious, joyfully unveiled, is carried with versatile sensibility. It is an insatiable spotlight focused on the most colorful and vigorous of imaginations."

Guylaine Massoutre
Spirale Magazine, octobre 2021

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